• expert repairs By A State Certified Contractor CPC#1457365
MJR Pools offers a staff that are fully trained, state certified repair experts. We can repair all of your PVC, plumbing, filter, pump, chlorinator, timer, and pool lighting needs. Have confidence knowing your repairs are done by a professional. Call 407-927-6470 for a free quote on all your repair needs.
• Upgrade and Incorporate New technology
Install a Salt System to reduce the traditional harsh chlorine qualities and benefit from the softer skin feel and increased swim time. Replace your standard pool bulb with a new LED bulb for up to 90% energy savings while adding 9 color modes without using plastic lens covers. We can add automation, heating and numerous other options to your pool.
• Quality Parts From Quality Manufacturers
At MJR Pools we offer the best products at the lowest prices. We believe in quality products as they offer proven longevity and the finest reliability for the life of your pool. With a great relationship from our supplier, we offer all parts and products from Hayward, Pac Fab, Sta Rite, Jacuzzi, Unicel and many other well know manufacturers. Call 407-927-6740 today.
Licensed VS "Licensed"

To do repair work of any kind on a pool in the State of Florida, the company must be state certified or registered and certified by the county(s) they work in. An "occupational license" is needed to do business but only allows cleaning of pools. All companies need this to conduct business but it does not authorize repair work. Verify if a company is licensed properly. Make smart choices and avoid being victimized by an unlicensed individual

Individuals may be unlicensed because they:
- may not be able to meet the financial requirements;
- may not be able to pass a background check;
- may not meet the education or experience (skill) requirements;
- may not meet the workers’ compensation requirements; and/or
- may not meet the liability insurance requirements.

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